• YAMERO 6 days ago

    So, will this be the last episode? I heard some weeks ago that there will be a 5th episode, but are they also doing a 6th one? I mean … this wasn’t good at all, come on. They know that we’re all waiting for more Origa Discordia scenes. -.- The manga is all about her, she’s getting fucked in every chapter lol

    • Unknown-117 5 days ago

      THEN!!! All of a sudden I see Spartans falling from Orbit and Guardians descending in Transmat ready to shoot All Filth in the Lands of Eostia and saving those who are Enslaved! Humanity and the Light wins!

      END OF STORY!!!

      • Where do I leave a like for this comment? Seriously! Death to volt! Death to the black dogs!!

  • Darkness 6 days ago

    I hope there’s more to come and more Prim scenes

  • Anonymous 6 days ago

    Ok this is basically a preview of how the princess got captured Idek why they named it 5. So when they coming out with the real 5

  • Skorri 6 days ago

    All of this time and this is what we get? This was garbage!

  • nani nani!? 6 days ago

    What the cuck was that?

  • BobbyFatBoi 6 days ago

    That was shit

  • Anonymous 6 days ago

    Nani a new episode

  • Lolll 6 days ago


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